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Our contact details are as follows:

HM Print & Design Company
22 Monticello Street
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with offices at: (preferred location)
CNY Awards & Apparel, Inc.
106 New Hartford Shopping Center
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General email:

Telephone number: 315.527.3090

Basic Terms


HM Print & Design and all it’s associated sites are committed to preserving the privacy of all visitors to our website at or any of its sub domains/affiliate or sister sites.

By registering or placing an order on this website, you consent to the collection, use and transfer of your information under the terms of this policy.

ALL payment processing is handled by PayPal or QuickBooks through their secured and encrypted gateways. We DO NOT store or collect any credit information.


When you visit, register or order products or services on you may be asked to provide certain information about yourself including your name, contact details and credit or debit card information.

We may also collect information about your usage of our website as well as information about you from messages you post to the website and e-mails or letters you send to us.

To maintain customer service standards and to assist staff training, we may record and monitor incoming calls.


Your information will enable us to provide you with access to all parts of our website and to supply the goods or services you have requested. It will also enable us to bill you and to contact you where necessary concerning your orders. We will also use and analyze the information we collect so that we can administer, support, improve and develop our business.

In particular, we may use your information to contact you for your views on our services and to notify you occasionally about important changes or developments to the website or our services. Further, where you have consented, we might also use your information to let you know by email about other products and services which we offer which may be of interest to you. If you change your mind about being contacted in the future, please let us know.


The information you provide to us STAYS with us, except that information needed by credit card processing agents for the sole purpose of payments. Those agents process information and process credit card payments on our behalf.

We may also pass aggregate information on the usage of our website to third parties but this will not include information that can be used to identify you.

Finally, if our business enters into a joint venture with or is sold to or merged with another business entity, your information may be disclosed to our new business partners or owners.

Unless required to do so by law, we will not otherwise share, sell or distribute any of the information you provide to us without your consent.


Cookies are small amounts of information which we may store on your computer.

Unless you have indicated your objection when disclosing your details to us, our system will issue cookies to your computer when you log on to the site.

Cookies make it easier for you to log on to and use the site during future visits. They also allow us to monitor website traffic and to personalize the content of the site for you. You may set up your computer to reject cookies by following the relevant instructions which can be found at

In that case, you may not be able to use certain features on our site or your site. If you do not wish to receive cookies in the future, please let us know at


We retain no critical data and NO financial data on our servers what so ever. All financial data is secured by Intuit and PayPal respectfully.


You are entitled to see the information held about you and you may ask us to make any necessary changes to ensure that it is accurate and kept up to date. If you wish to do this, please contact us at

You can view all your information at

We are entitled by law to charge a fee of $10 to meet our costs in providing you with details of the information we hold about you, but it is rare that we do unless it is requested frequently. Back to Top


Any changes to our privacy policy in the future will be posted to the website.

Web Design/Hosting Agreement – Basic Definitions

This is an agreement between HM Print & Design and You/Your Company.

HM Print & Design believes in an honor based system as much as possible.

This agreement is just a basis to run by so we all are on the same page. If it’s not in here please do not assume..ask. We tried to keep this as layman as possible.

Our basic site package(1) includes: 3 pages, 2 links, 1 scan, 2 email addresses, 1 form and admin login plus 2 hours of training either in person or by phone whichever is convenient to BOTH parties.

Travel over 30 miles may be billable at our standard hourly rates (2).

It is very helpful if you will include a copy of your company’s letterhead, brochures, catalog, etc. so we can see how you present your company image.

Please provide these items within 20 calendar days to help keep the building process moving forward.  Materials submitted after 30 days may be billed at our hourly rate (2).

Unless you specifically submit a desired theme/layout for your site, HM Print & Design will use information gathered at our meetings and our best judgement as a guideline for designing.

For an extra charge, we can equip your web pages with:

  • Sound, either MIDI musical background or mp3 files for music or voice
  • Animated GIF images
  • Shockwave Animations
  • Flash Animations, not recommended as mobile and iOS devices cannot see
  • Video clips

Registering and Advertising Your Website

If you do not already have a domain, HM Print & Design can procure one  for you and register it for you, this is included in the base price (1). We only design and provide SEO’d sites, but do not provide marketing for those sites. Please contact our SEO Partner.

Be sure to read the article,”Web Marketing Checklist: 32 Ways to Promote Your Website”



  • Advertising your Website to Web search engines that index the Web
  • Giving customers a good reason to come by offering them something
  • Finding industry-wide linking pages and negotiating reciprocal links to and from
  • Purchasing Web advertising
  • Becoming active in several of the thousands of Internet news groups and mailing lists
  • Developing a “signature” mini-ad attached to all your e-mail messages
  • Making your website part of one or more of the many “malls.”
  • Including your e-mail and Web addresses on all your company’s print literature
  • E-mail newsletter

Authorization :

You and/or Your Company hereby authorizes HM Print & Design full access to the site for the sole purpose of this agreement.

If needed to make your site function as needed, HM Print & Design will assume admin on hosting account and HM Print & Design will contact your current hosting provider to initiate transfer as soon as possible. This in NO way negates your ownership of the domain and files, only our ability to work for you.

Domain Registration :

You will always own your site. HM Print & Design will secure a domain name for you and/or company. The yearly renewal for such which includes hosting and domain name is listed below (4). This does not include any design work or programming work. If client already has a domain and maintaining the domain name themselves and this is a hosting only application, client must prepare their own backups, to prevent data loss. Expired, cancelled or suspended sites will be deleted after 60 days of non reactivation. We WILL NOT keep backups or downloads for these types of sites. You will need to request or do your own downloads/backups prior to deletion.

Site Content :

All text, images, links and content other than actual design must be furnished by client in electronic format if possible, if scanning is needed billing will be adjusted. HM Print & Design will implement the use of supplied items as instructed by client in our meetings or as supplied.

This contract allows for the following: agreed design work and installation to the server (does not guarantee working with current programming, plugins or other client mods and code already in place), such additional needs will be billed at the hourly rate (2). HM Print & Design may on occasion feature your site in one of our postings, if you desire not be featured, please let us know.

Our sites are designed to perform with the current versions of popular browsers, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, FireFox both in desktops and mobile versions.

All sites (as of versions 3.0)  have built in mobile versions and mobile e-commerce capabilities.

Online stores only in addition to “Site Content” above:

This contract allows for the initial setup of core operating files, 3 pages, 3 categories, 1 product per category for sample purposes.  If client desires the complete store created with all products and categories it will be billed beyond this agreement at the hourly rate (2) .

Online stores do not include secure certificates or merchant accounts. Merchant and SSL Certificate accounts need to be billed and setup under separate agreement.

Client & Third Party Amends / Changes :

All initial setup requests must be completed within 30 days. All work requested after 30 days will be billed the hourly rate (2). Any pages requested over our agreed maximum or pages modified over 30% will billed at the hourly rate (2). In addition since you have admin access to make changes on your own or through another person of your choice, any work requested that is considered repair work (non HM Print & Design created) will be billed at the repair rate (5), regardless of date, even in initial setup period.

Anytime we are asked to make changes to your site, we will first update any code already installed on the site and this we be included in our billing to you. It is advantageous to you to enroll in our monthly update program as we will not visit sites to perform updates to new code, only when asked to make changes. It is our policy NOT to try to work with old code but always update before work begins. This may add a substantial amount to your bill if updates are many.(6)

Work Schedule, Payments and Completion Date :

HM Print & Design will commence work once domain registration has completed or transferred, new sites resolve between 1-4 days, transferred sites resolve in 1-9 days, client content has been received and at least a 50% deposit of your invoiced amount  has been received. Your invoice balance will be due within 30 days regardless of completion date.

HM Print & Design reserves the right to remove web pages from viewing on the Internet until final payment is made.

If a payment delay is anticipated, please contact HM Print & Design at immediately for an alternative arrangement. In case collection proves necessary, then you agree to pay all fees incurred by that process. This agreement becomes effective only when invoice paid or deposit is made.

Effective 5-1-17, all domain renewals that are past due but requested to stay live for anticipated payment will incur a $10 per week extension charge. This charge will be added to the yearly renewal charge that was/is due at time of payment extension request. Paying a later date does not give you more time, nor does it extend your time for the following year. It is additional cost we have to absorb, and can no longer afford. Invoice are sent 59, 29, 14 and sometimes 6 days prior to expire dates.  It is your responsibility to make sure your contact info is current for emailed invoices to be sent correctly.  Back to Top

Copyrights and Trademarks :

It is completely understood that any content that you/your company  provides is your ‘s and free from copyright infringement.  You and/or Your Company will be held responsible for all content provided. Any requests for additional copies, formats or sizes will be billed at the normal hourly rate and no less than a minimum of 1 hour.

Warranties and Liability :

HM Print & Design will not produce any site that violates equalities, freedoms, or rights of any person. Nor produce sites that include hatred, bigotry or pornography. HM Print & Design reserves the right to determine what is and is not pornography.

HM Print & Design is not be responsible for occasional downtime of email or web site due to line interruptions and/or other instances beyond HM Print & Design  control.

Indemnification :

Your and/or Your Company agrees that the domain we are building on is your property and therefor entirely responsible for all content displayed and that HM Print & Design will not be held responsible for any actions arising from the use and display of content on such site/domain.

HM Print & Design is not responsible for lost content on terminated, cancelled, suspended or non paid sites.

Rights Upon Termination of Agreement :

HM Print & Design upon termination or non-renewal will at your request make available in form of a compressed file a copy of the entire site if available, only if account is in paid standing, and any bills or credits must be settled prior to backup being made. This request must be made within 20 days prior to site expiration.

HM Print & Design will not make refunds for work already performed if performed according to this agreement and if in good faith tried to comply to this agreement. Refunds are void if client has refused to send site content within 30 calendar days. Sites that expire  or are transferred away from HM Print & Design do not qualify for partial refunds of any monies paid, unless a fault of HM Print & Design caused the transfer or expiration.

HM Print & Design reserves the right to keep, hold and re-use any expired site as they see fit.

You must request and/or do your own site site backup and downloads for terminated accounts.

Notices :

Any and all notices, updates and communications must be made either by email or via fax at 1.800.732.3617. Text messages or instant messages of any kind will not be excepted.

Laws Affecting Electronic Commerce :

From time to time governments enact laws and levy taxes and tariffs affecting Internet electronic commerce. You/Your Company agrees it is solely responsible for complying with such laws, taxes, and tariffs, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend HM Print & Design and its subcontractors from any claim, suit, penalty, tax, or tariff arising from the Client’s exercise of Internet electronic commerce.

Litigation :

Any and all disputes arising from this contract will be litigated or arbitrated in Herkimer County, New York. This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, USA.

Sole Agreement :

This agreement constitutes the sole agreement between HM Print & Design and you and/or your company regarding your website . Any additional work not specified in our agreement, must be authorized by either email or via fax at 1.800.732.3617. Text messages or instant messages of any kind will not be excepted.

All prices specified are for 1 year after agreed.

HM Print & Design reserves the right to amend or change this agreement at any time, please check here periodically for any updates.

The Last Nitty Gritty…

Prices are used for a guideline only to our services.

(1) Basic Package : $650 to $5000 e-commerce ready and mobile ready sites (prices subject to change without notice)

(2) Our basic hourly rate is : $45 per hour with a $25 minimum

(3) Flat Rate Maintenance is $10 per month / PayPal or CC on file required.

(4) Yearly Renewal  for hosting & domain name registration is $84.00 and
$25 for each subdomain.

(5) Repair work or fixes needed from other persons work is billed at $65 per hour with a $30 minimum

(6) Updates/changes are billed at the hourly rate (2) plus time for any needed code updates. Any requests for site changes/updates will only be honored after all other code on site is up to date. These will also incur the normal charges as needed.

Additional pages are $25 minimum (no custom graphics, videos or animations:see below)

Custom graphics work is billed at $45 per hour with a $25 minimum.

Fully loaded e-commerce sites (all products loaded up to 400 products, 25 categories, photography) start at $2400

Placing an order and/or payment of an invoice indicates acceptance of these terms.

Printing & Design Services

HM Print & Design offers the highest quality and the lowest prices on full color printing.

We will try to match any competitive pricing for full-color printing of comparable quantity and quality.

Please note that due to the nature of our full-color printing (CMYK), we cannot print every color available. We do not color match ; therefore, we offer print industry’s standard phrase of respectable color and will make every rational effort to print your product as close to the colors you have provided as possible.

HM Print & Design can develop all your graphic and design needs. If you want or desire to submit your own art please use these guidelines to meet correct printing needs.

We offer Replacement Satisfaction Guarantee to our first-time retail customers for the print products that we sell. This includes business cards, postcards, envelopes, letterhead and etc. If you are not entirely satisfied with the finished printed product you can send it back to us for a full refund of the printing cost only. Any products ordered with a subtotal over $100.00 are considered to be a large order. It is recommended that you first place a small order before placing a large order for this guarantee to be valid; that way you will know exactly what quality to look forward to.

HM Print & Design will correct errors of improper cutting, print quality, color and print shift. As a customer, you are responsible for submitting print ready files, unless we are creating these files for you of course. This includes full bleed to your press-ready digital files by adding 0 .1″ dimension for business cards, postcards and rack cards, add 0.125″ for all other products.

All file formats must have a minimum of 350 dpi (dot per inch) resolutions.

All color artwork and/or images must be provided in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) color mode and black & white artworks and/or images must be provided in grayscale.

If any issue should arise with the printing of your product, please click here which will direct you to the contact page. From there, describe the problem or issue in as much detail as possible.

We send layout and design proofs for all orders before printing. Please be sure to check your email regularly for these emails as your order will be on hold until we get an approved notice.

Preparing Files

For best results please follow our guidelines.


We accept the following file formats TIF, TIFF, JPG, EPS, PNG, AI, PSD, CDR and PDF.

Preferred formats are: CorelDraw up to X9, Adobe Illustrator up to CS5, EPS all fonts converted to outlines in any case.


The maximum acceptable combined file size for all uploads is 25MB (megabytes).


All file formats must have a minimum of 350 dpi (dot per inch) resolution.
The images designed for the web are done at a low screen resolution of 72 dpi. Print images need to be created at 350 dpi or there will be a substantial drop in the image quality.

High Resolution Low Resolution


All color artwork and/or images must be provided in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color mode.
All black & white artworks and/or images must be provided in grayscale color mode.
Heavy black ink might cause smearing. HM Print & Design can correct most color issues, but color shift and changes may occur.


What’s a bleed?

Bleed is the portion of the product that will be trimmed off when it is cut to the final size.

Why bleed?
The purpose of a bleed is to continue a color, image, or design to the edge of the product. Due to the possibility of shifting in the trimming process, a bleed is required to ensure that a white line does not show on the edges of your product.

We require ALL files to be built to the full bleed dimension specified for each trim size.

We automatically trim the bleed off of each side, which will result in the desired trim size.

For example: all business cards except for the 2″ x 3.5″ with round corners and 2.17″ x 3.35″ with round corners require a 0.1″ bleed to each dimension (or 0.05″ bleed on all four sides). Thus, a 2″ x 3.5″ business card would have a bleed size 2.1″ x 3.6″. Please contact us if you need a template.

Please build your print-ready digital files by adding the appropriate bleed to your file.

Add 0 .1″ bleed to each dimension (or 0.05″ bleed on all four sides) for the following products:

  • business cards (For the 2″ x 3.5″ with round corners and 2.17″ x 3.35″ with round corners, add 0.325″ bleed)
  • bookmarks
  • CD packages
  • club flyers
  • collectors cards
  • DVD packages
  • event tickets
  • postcards (For the 4″ x 6″ postcard with round corners and 5.5″ x 8.5″ postcards with round corners, add 0.325″ bleed)
  • rack cards
  • rip business cards
  • rolodex
  • stickers
  • table tents
  • tent cards

Add 0.125″ (1/8″) bleed to each dimension (or 0.0625″ bleed on all four sides) for the following products:

  • brochures
  • door hangers
  • envelopes
  • flyers
  • hang tags
  • letterhead
  • mini menus
  • notepads
  • posters
  • staggered cut flyers
  • posters (wide)
  • banners
  • window clings
  • window decals
  • yard signs

Add 0.325″ bleed to each dimension for all special shapes.

Add 0.1875″ bleed to each dimension for roll labels (or 0.09375″ bleed on all four sides for square or rectangle roll labels).

Add 0.225″ bleed to each dimension (or 0.1125″ bleed on all four sides) for presentation folders, except for the 9″ x 12″, which has a bleed of 0.3″.

Add 0.375″ bleed to each dimension (or 0.1875″ bleed on all four sides) for booklets, calendars, and catalogs.


Please build your press-ready digital files by adding crop marks.
Lines indicating where the paper should be cut to produce the correct size. Zones


a. Fonts must be embedded in PDF files.

b. Fonts must be outlined or converted to paths or curves in EPS files.

c. Some fonts have copyright restrictions and will not embed in PDF Files, please convert to curves first in this case.

d. Quark Express: Fonts and images must be included with all files submitted. (Mac only)


All critical elements (text, images, logos, etc.) must be kept at least 0.125″ inside the edge. Anything left close to edge may be cut off during trimming.


Please allow 1/16″ cutting space around your card. No borders are recommended, as shifting in the cutting process may make borders appear uneven.


We do not recommend crossover images and/or copy, as these elements may be lost in the gutter and may not line up after binding.

Please keep all critical images and/or copy within the Safe Zone to ensure these elements are clearly visible and there are no line-up registration issues when the product is bound.

Perfect Binding

Mondore-ables & TJ’s Creations

HM Print & Design and TJ’s Creations offers hand made custom collectibles, heirloom and keepsake items.

Shipping & Delivery

All orders are a priority with us. We ship as fast as we can make, paint and pack items. This is usually anywhere from 3 days to 5 weeks. Please contact us if you have a deadline. Crochet items ship in about 2-4 weeks. Wood products in about 3-7 days and giclees in about 3 days.

Privacy & Security

In short.. we DO NOT share your information with anyone outside of Mondore-ables for any other reason than doing business together.

Returns & Replacements

Please understand that unless damaged from shipping we cannot allow returns as all items are hand crafted per person per order for you. All claims must be filed with the shipping company you choose during checkout and return shipment paid by you.


All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping. You will be notified of any payment issues.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

All payments, pricing and promotions are limited to this domain and site only. No other coupons will be honored. We reserve the right to change prices at any time and shipping is controlled by the respective shipping company used. All payments are processed by PayPal using PayPal secure servers. You can use PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or any other card offered by PayPal. We do not store, keep or use you card info in any other way.

Viewing Orders

You will need to register an account to keep track of your orders. This makes it convenient to re-order and track their status.Order status can be found once logged in under the “My Account” link at the bottom of every page, or at the the top left of every page.

Updating Account Information

You can update, edit and change your account information at any time once you have registered and logged in. Please do not ask us to change information as we don NOT have access to stored passwords.

About Our Products

All our products are created by us. In some cases we have either acquired, purchased or obtained permission from other designers to re-create their designs for re-sale. As such as these are hand crafted items, all photos are for representation only, and some degree of variation is to be expected from item to item, even of the same item. This is due to actually being hand crafted, painted and assembled, we are NOT machines and die lots can change from paint to paint and yarn to yarn. Also bear in mind that accessories and/or decor on final products may change based on available supply. Things such as wreaths, bows, ribbons may be switched out for other equal value or higher value items. If you really really need that exact look, please let us know in the order comments. Please be respectful and understanding of these conditions and limitations. NO returns will be allowed for these limitations. Unless otherwise noted, props, decor and accessories used in photos are not included.

Effective 6-1-2012, We will be accessing a 2% ($10 minimum or which ever is greater) monthly late fee on all past due accounts.

This page last updated 10/3/14 to include Mondore-ables, WayneConcepts, TJ’s Creations and HM Print & Design.

Page updated 05/16/17 to include payment extension rules under domain hosting and removal of 2% late fee.

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